About Us

Montessori Research & Development (MRD) develops, produces, and sells Montessori curriculum materials designed for children two to twelve years old. Our teacher manuals and materials are used in Montessori schools and teacher training programs in the United States as well as internationally. 

Dr. Pamela Rigg (then Pamela Lanaro) founded MRD in 1980 in response to an identified need for existing Montessori elementary materials to be updated and reflective of current research in the sciences. We continue to uphold that aim by committing ourselves to continual review and revision of our manuals and materials as new scientific information emerges. This means keeping abreast of the big and obvious "rulings" (like whether Pluto is a planet), as well as to the nuanced and unresolved debates in the scientific community (like whether eukaryote "tails" should be called flagella or undulipodia).

Research, in a broader sense, also informs the development of our non-scientific materials.  For example, before we introduced our Green Series in 2008, we evaluated all possible ways to structure the phonograms. Creating the right structure for organizing information is central to our development philosophy. MRD continues to grow with the Montessori community, creating materials to address the needs of Montessori teachers and children. We always welcome suggestions for new materials or comments on ones we have already made!