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Hi, we are glad you are here. We at Montessori Research and Development (Montessori RD) have been providing the Montessori community with Montessori curriculum materials and Montessori teacher manuals for more than four decades. We are the pioneers of now standard classroom materials such as the Word Study and Geometry, Botany, and Zoology nomenclature sets.

The Fundamental Needs of Humans

We, the people, live in this world made from our billions of ancestors. Our history is not the result of kings and battles, although they shaped us. Our history is the struggles and triumphs of all people to meet their fundamental needs. These needs, common to us all, express themselves differently across time and place. People have coalesced into communities, which have given rise to civilizations.

Three-Part Cards, Booklets, Wallcharts, Timeline, Civilization Ribbons

Early Humans, 5 Cradle Civilizations, 2 Western Civilizations

Sensorial Manual | Early Childhood

Our Sensorial manual has been read by tens of thousands of Montessorians around the world. After 35 years, it is still the to-go manual for teacher training centers in the USA and abroad.

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The Clock of Eons

The Fundamental
Needs of Humans

Common Core State Standards

Sensorial Extensions for the Colored Cylinders

Montessori Three-Part Cards

Impressionistic Charts | Botany

The Money Curriculum

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The BCE/CE Timeline Banner can be used in Time and History activities. The left section of the banner depicts the beginnings of the formation of Earth at 4.6 billion years ago, followed by humans inhabiting Earth at 300,000 years ago.