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Elementary Level I (Ages 6 - 9), Elementary Level II (Ages 9 - 12) Click here for a level breakdown.

Zoology Manual, Early Childhood


In the 3-6 age environment, children are acquainted with the world of animals primarily on a practical life and sensorial level. Just as the color tablets do not pretend to be the first experiences the child has with colors, so animals in the classroom are not strange, quixotic animals but animals already familiar to the child. The task for the child is to identify the fundamental needs of the animal, to understand these needs have to be provided by the humans when the animal is in captivity, and to learn the physical characteristics of an animal. The five classes from the phylum of vertebrates are introduced first:

  • fish
  • amphibian
  • reptile
  • bird
  • mammal

114 pages


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