Geography Vol. 1

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Geography is very often considered to be an unimportant subject. The sciences cannot exist independently, because all the sciences together form a part of life. Geography is, in fact, the subject which unifies all the other subjects. It is the subject which unifies culture. Geography is the physical space within which the activity of life occurs.

The word ‘geography’ comes from the Greek: ‘to write about the earth’. The dictionary states that geography is the science which deals with the physical phenomena of the earth. Geography studies the reciprocal relationships between phenomena and the earth. By reciprocal relationships we mean that phenomena do not happen in isolation from one another; in nature, phenomena are interrelated. The earth is our home. It is the environment in which we grow and develop. This is why, in studying the earth, we can research from a biological, morphological, historical, and chemical point of view, as well as from many other points of view.

The geography curriculum is, after the initial presentations, divided into physical and political geography.

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