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Phonic Reading (Pink) Series Classroom Package



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Product Description

Phonic Reading (Pink) Series Classroom Package

Please note this includes all card sets as well as containers/trays for the complete shelving display (as shown in pictures.)

Materials included:

  • LAP.01 Phonic Three-Part Cards (View)
    • 15 three-part card trays included
  • LAP.02 Initial Sound Cards (View)
    • 26 single display containers included
  • LAP.03 Phonic Picture Cards (View)
    • 15 single display containers included
  • LAP.04 Phonic Picture Cards with Word Labels (View)
    • 15 double display containers included
  • LAP.05 Phonic Single Word Booklets (View)
    • 6 book stands included
  • LAP.06 Phonic Word Lists (View)
    • 6 single display containers included

The value of the combined individual cards and containers is $782.50. The classroom package price refelcts a 15% discount.

*Shelves, Movable Alphabets and SandPaper Letters are for display purposes only and they are not included.


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