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The Pink Series refers to the Montessori beginning reading sequence. The Pink Series isolates three letter words that have the consonant-vowel-consonant (c-v-c) sequence such as “cat.” This “controlled vocabulary” of selected words are represented by pictures. The Pink Series words are organized into groups by the vowels: can, gas, ham; bed, men, ten; bib, fin, lip; dog, fox, mop;bud, gum, pup. “Word families” are organized into grouped by the two ending letters: for example “can, fan, man”; “bed, fed, led”; “dip,lip, tip”; “cob, job, mob”; “bug, jug, tug.”

This is the first reading activity in The Pink Series. These Phonic Pictures cards are used with the Moveable Alphabet.

The three following activities in The Pink Series move the child from this “writing” activity of using the Phonic Picture Cards with the Moveable Alphabet, to the second step in which the child “reads” the word label and matches the label to the picture (Phonic Picture Cards with Word Labels– LAP.04). Then we introduce reading booklets (the Phonic Reading Books– LAP.05) which presents the book-format with the controlled vocabulary. The last step isolates the controlled vocabulary from any picture cue (Phonic Word Lists– LAP.06).

Phonic Picture Cards: 60 cards

The Phonic Picture Cards are to be used with the Moveable Alphabet (not included).

Five vowels represented with twelve pictures each:

  • a – can, tan, fan, pan, tag, jam, ham , sad, cap, map, nap, gas
  • e – jet, hen, pen, ten, bed, red, web, keg, hem, wed, wet, net
  • i – bib, rib, fin, pin, dig, pig, fig, hip, lip, rip, lid, tin
  • o – cog, dog, log, pod, sod, rod, cob, sob, job, rob, top, pot
  • u – bug, hug, rug, cub, tub, mud, bud, sun, bun, pup, cup, bus

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

5 polyurethane display containers included

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