Initial Sound Picture Cards

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Product Description

227 Initial Sound Picture Cards

  •    8 pictures per each vowels and consonants (only 4 pictures for consonants q, x, y, z)
  •  27 letter cards (vowel and consonants, two versions for Q "q" and "qu" )

Words depicted:

  • a - apple, ax, avocado, add, accident, Africa, alligator, afghan
  • b - bag, banana, beater, bed, bib, bud, bun, bus
  • c - can, cap, carrots, cat, cob, cog, cotton, cups
  • d - deer, dog, donut, door, dolls, daisies, dice, duck
  • e - elk, eggs, empty, elastic, elevator, elephant, endocarp, elbow
  • f - fan, feather, fig, fin, fish, foot, fork, fox
  • g - garage, gas, gears, goat, gorilla, guitar, gate, garden
  • h - ham, hammer, helicopter, hem, hen, hip, hog, hook
  • i - gloo, injury, inflate, insect, ill, inch, ibis, instruments
  • j - jack o'lantern, jacks, jam, jeep, jet, juggle, jump, jellyfish
  • k - kangaroo, keg, key, kayak, kitchen, kite, kiwi, koala
  • l - ladder, lava, lemon, lid, lion, lip, lobster, log
  • m - mad, map, mail, maracas, moose, mud, marbles, magnet
  • n - nail, needle, nest, newspaper, nickle, nine, numbers, nuts
  • o - olives, octagon, osprey, obelisk, ostrich, otter, ox, octopus
  • p - pan, panda, pen, pig, pin, pineapple, pod, pup
  • q(qu) - quail, quarter, queen, quilt
  • r - rod, red, rib, rug, race, rabbit, rake, rat
  • s - sailboat, seven, sod, sun, submarine, seal, saw, safe
  • t - tag, tan, ten, tin, tomato, top, tank, taxi
  • u - umbrella, underwear, umpire, ugly, udder, ulna, up, under
  • v - vase, violin, volcano, vineyard, vegetables, vitamins, veins, vowels
  • w - windmill, wagon, web, wave, window, wing, waterfall, waffle
  • x - xylophone, Xenia, xylem, xebec
  • y - yak, yarn, yoyo, yam
  • z - zebra, zero, zipper, zither

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

1 polyurethane display container included (26 recommended)




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