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Consonant Blend Word Lists



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21 word lists with six words on each lists

  • B1 – blob, block, black, brig, brim, brad
  • B2 – clap, clock, club, cross, crack, crab
  • B3 – dress, drum, drop
  • B4 – flab, floss, flag, froth, frock, frill
  • B5 – gloss, glass, glad, grin, grab, grill
  • B6 – plus, plug, plum, pram, prop, prim
  • B7 – scab, scull, scan, skid, skip, skim
  • B8 – slam, slip, slim, smog, smock, smell
  • B9 – snap, snip, snack, spin, spill, spud
  • B10 – stem, stop, stuck, swig, swag, swim
  • B11 – trick, trip, trim, twin, twill, twig
  • C1 – act, duct, strict, drift, raft, swift
  • C2 – gild, held, weld, elf, golf, self
  • C3 – hulk, milk, silk, elm, film, helm
  • C4 – help, pulp, scalp, belt, kilt, melt
  • C5 – hemp, lamp, tramp, bend, blond, hand
  • C6 – pink, stink, wink, ant, plant, tent
  • C7 – slept, swept, wept, disk, mask, tusk
  • C8 – asp, cusp, gasp, cast, nest, vest
  • C9 – belch, gulch, mulch, catch, pitch, dutch
  • C10 – inch, lunch, punch,

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Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.



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