Consonant Blend Pictures w/Sentences

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Consonant Blend Pictures w/Sentences.

  • 105 pictures cards of consonant blends
  • 105 word labels of consonant blends

5 pictures per each of the consonant blends

Consonant Blends:

  • B1 - bl - black, blend, blond, block, bluff.
  • B2 - br - brig, brim, brad, bran, brush.
  • B3 - cl - clap, clam, clubs, cliff, clock.
  • B4 - cr - crack, cross, crab, crash, crest.
  • B5 - dr - dress, drop, drums, drill, drink.
  • B6 - fl - flab, flag, floss, flat, flush.
  • B7 - fr - frock, frills, froth, frog, frost.
  • B8 - gl - glad, glass, gloss, glum, glen.
  • B9 - gr - grill, grin, grass, grab, grand.
  • B10- pl - plug, plums, plus, plant, plans.
  • B11- pr - pram, print, prop, primps, press.
  • B12- sc - scald, scab, scalp, scallop, scan.
  • B13- sk - skip, skull, skip, skin, skill.
  • B14- sl - slam, slosh, slot, slug, slush.
  • B15- sm - smog, smash, small, smell, smug.
  • B16- sn - snack, snap, snag, snip, sniffs.
  • B17- sp - spill, spin, spell, spend, spot.
  • B18- st - stop, stump, stand, stamp, stuck.
  • B19- sw - swift, swig, swim, swan, swamp.
  • B20- tr - trick, trim, trunk, tram, track.
  • B21- tw - twins, twig, twist, twill, twang.

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

5 polyurethane double display containers included (21 recommended)



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    Consonant blend pictures w/sentences

    Posted by Philicia Mollere on June 27, 2020

    As a Montessori Reading Intervention Teacher, this is one of my favorite go to items - both to have this on a child's work plan, but also to work one-one. All the kids love matching the pictures to the sentences- The pictures are very clearly understandable and the photos.are terrific quality. I like that the photos are not "baby-ish " so these are appropriate for wide range of elementary aged kids. The stands and card holders are also wonderful and a must have!

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