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Botany Nomenclature, Elementary



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Product Description

Three Part Cards: 849 cards

  • 283 pictures
  • 283 labels
  • 283 definitions

Wall Charts:

  • 48 wallcharts

BOOKLETS MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. A control book of the defintion labels/titles and definitions (bound, 8.5″ x 11″) is inlcuded.

Plant parts, shapes and types represented:

  • Plant 8 different cards
  • Root 15 different cards
  • Stem 19 different cards
  • Leaves 79 different cards
  • Flower 82 different cards
  • Fruit 33 different cards
  • Seed 47 different cards

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SET NO LONGER INCLUDES BOOKLETS.

The Botany Nomenclature can be housed and organized using Three-Part Card Trays.

In order to display the complete nomenclature you would need 48 Three-Part Card Trays.

Any other lesser amount can be used by implementing a rotation system.

The Three-Parts Card Trays are available from the links below.

Three Part Card Trays (DC.05)

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