Zoology Vol. 1

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In the elementary classroom, we are confronted with a six-year-old child whose interests are completely different from those of the child in the 3 - 6 classroom. The 3 - 6 year-old child is attracted by a limited environment: that of the family and the 3 - 6 classroom. The six-year-old is attracted by the larger environment. The teacher in the elementary classroom is often in the position of teaching the child to read, write, and calculate, before it is possible to open to the child the wonders of the world. It is impossible to introduce a child to culture if the child cannot read and write. When it is necessary to teach the child to read and to write at the elementary level, accomplish the task as quickly as possible. Simultaneously, give the child something else. The child must understand the world. It is not sufficient to fill the child’s mind with knowledge; the world must be introduced and explored. A sense of wonder must be awakened in the child. Dr. Montessori says to give a complete view of the world and then go into details.

Living/nonliving, kingdoms, nomenclature of vertebrate and invertebrate

183 pages


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