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Zoology Teaching Manual – Early Childhood



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Product Description

The Early Childhood Zoology Manual features new colorful graphics to facilitate understanding and preparation of the materials. Essential information such as age, language, control of error, material, aim, point of interest, extension, and variation is located at the top of each presentation. The Zoology Manual also includes functional reproducible materials such as Animal Care Chart, Wall Charts, and Black Line Masters. The manual also offers all the necessary guidance to care for animals in an indoor environment.

A child between 3-6 years connects with animals primarily on a practical life and sensorial level. Through taking care of animals and appreciating their physical, bodily qualities, a child is then prepared to identify the fundamental needs of the animal. The fundamental needs of all living beings, of course, is the foundation of the Montessori botany and zoology curriculum.

The five classes from the phylum of vertebrates are introduced first:

  • fish
  • amphibian
  • reptile
  • bird
  • mammal

96 pages

Additional Information

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