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Zoology Nomenclature, Elementary



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Product Description

Three Part Cards: 384 cards

  • 125 pictures
  • 125 labels
  • 125 definitions


  • 16 wallcharts

BOOKLETS ARE NOT INCLUDED. BOOKLETS MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. A control book of the definition labels/titles and definitions (bound, 8.5″ x 11″) is included.

Animals of the Major Phyla represented:

  • Fish 10 different cards
  • Amphibian 10 different cards
  • Reptile 12 different cards
  • Bird 10 different cards
  • Mammal 17 different cards
  • Poriferan 5 different cards
  • Cnidaria 5 different cards
  • Platyhelminth 6 different cards
  • Nematode 4 different cards
  • Annelid 7 different cards
  • Mollusk 11 different cards
  • Arthropod 15 different cards
  • Echinoderm 13 different cards

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

The Zoology Nomenclature can be housed and organized using Three-Part Card Trays.

In order to display the complete nomenclature you would need 16 Three-Part Card Trays.

Any other lesser amount can be used by implementing a rotation system.

The Three-Parts Card Trays are available from the links below.

Three Part Card Trays (DC.05)

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