Three-Part Card Rationale



Montessori Three-Part Cards refer to card materials that children manipulate in order to internalize the information on the cards. The Montessori Early Childhood Three-Part Card consists of a card with the picture with word label, a card of the picture, and a card with the word label.




For the 3-6 year old child, the task is simply to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word.




The Montessori Elementary Three-Part Card also has three parts.  But, there is a picture, a separate word label, and description/definition of the picture/word label.









The challenge with the 3-part cards is not to confuse the simple task of matching the picture with the word as the final goal. Rather, the task for the child is to manipulate the information often enough and in various ways as to master the information.

Sometimes both the teacher and the child confused the real goal mastery of information with the intermediary goal of simply matching. Children can pair up and use the 3-part cards as card games in which cards are drawn and children have to ask for the cards they need in order to complete a set. Memory- all the cards are turned down and children's  task is not to remember the position, but, simply a tactic to stimulate interest