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Nervous System, Elementary



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Product Description

Three-Part Cards: 69 cards

  • 23 Nervous System pictures
  • 23 Nervous System definitions
  • 23 Nervous System labels


  • 2 Booklets


  • 3 wallcharts

Parts depicted in Booklet #1:
The Nervous System, The Central Nervous System, The Brain,
The Spinal Cord, The Peripheral Nervous System, The Motor Nerves,
The Sensory Nerves, The Spinal Nerves, The Cervical Spinal Nerves,
The Thoracic Spinal Nerves, The Lumbar Spinal Nerves, The Sacral Spinal Nerves,
The Coccygeal Spinal Nerve.

Booklet #2:
The Neuron Cell, The Neuron Body, The Nucleus,
The Dendrites, The Axon, The Myelin Sheath,
The Axon Terminals, The Synapse, The Neurotransmitter,
The Glial Cells.

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.


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