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Muscular System, Elementary



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Product Description

Three-Part Cards: 48 cards

  • 16 Muscular System pictures
  • 16 Muscular System definitions
  • 16 Muscular System labels


  • 1 booklet


  • 2 wallcharts

Parts depicted:

  • the muscular system
  • the smooth muscles
  • the cardiac muscles
  • the skeletal muscles
  • the tendons
  • the trapezium muscles
  • the deltoid muscle group
  • the triceps brachii muscle group
  • the latissimus dorsi muscles
  • the gluteal muscle group pair
  • the hamstring muscle group pair
  • the gastrocnemius muscle pair
  • the pectoralis major muscle pair
  • the biceps brachii muscle pair
  • the rectus abdominis muscle pair
  • the quadriceps femoris muscle group pair

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.


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