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The Fundamental Needs of Humans



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Product Description

Three-Part Cards:

  • 80 pictures
  • 80 labels
  • 80 definitions


  • 8 booklets


  • 16 wallcharts


  • 16′ feet-long timeline representing 10,000 B.C.E. – 2100 C.E.
    printed on vinyl

Timeline Ribbons: One-inch-wide color ribbons with different length that depict the begging of civilizations in a region. The ribbons are placed at the corresponding date on the timeline and extend to the 21st century (except for Rome and Greece).

  • 8 ribbons

Early Humans, 5 Cradle Civilizations, 2 Western Civilizations

Cradle Civilizations:

  • Mesopotamia (Babylon)
  • Egypt (The New Kingdom)
  • Indus Valley (The Harappans)
  • Ancient China (The Han Dynasty)
  • Mesoamerica (The Aztec Empire)

Western Civilizations:

  • Rome – The Roman Republic
  • Greece – The Classical Period of Athens

Printed in Plastic

The Fundamental Needs of Humans

We, the people, live in this world made from our billions of ancestors. Our history is not the result of kings and battles, although they shaped us. Our history is the struggles and triumphs of all people to meet their fundamental needs. These needs, common to us all, express themselves differently across time and place. People have coalesced into communities, which have given rise to civilizations.


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