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Digestive System, Elementary



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Product Description

Three Part Cards: 78 cards

  • 26 Digestive System pictures
  • 26 Digestive System definitions
  • 26 Digestive System labels


  • 2 Booklets


  • 3 wallcharts

Parts depicted in Booklet #1:
The Digestive System, The Alimentary Canal, Mechanical Digestion,
Chemical Digestion, Enzymes, The Mouth,
The Salivary Glands, The Pharynx, The Epiglottis,
The Esophagus, The Stomach, Hydrochloric Acid,
The Pepsin Enzyme, The Pyloric Canal, The Pyloric Sphincter.

Booklet #2:
The Small Intestine, The Duodenum, The Liver,
The Gallbladder, The Pancreas, The Jejunum,
The Villi, The Ileum, The Large Intestine,
The Rectum, The Anus.

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.


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