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The Digestive System, Early Childhood



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Product Description

Three-Part Cards: 78 cards

  • 26 Digestive System pictures with label
  • 26 Digestive System pictures
  • 26 Digestive System labels


  • 2 booklets

Parts depicted

Booklet #1:

  • The Digestive System, The Alimentary Canal, Mechanical Digestion
  • Chemical Digestion, Enzymes, The Mouth
  • The Salivary Glands, The Pharynx, The Epiglottis
  • The Esophagus, The Stomach, Hydrochloric Acid
  • The Pepsin Enzyme, The Pyloric Canal, The Pyloric Sphincter

Booklet #2:

  • The Small Intestine, The Duodenum, The Liver
  • The Gallbladder, The Pancreas, The Jejunum
  • The Villi, The Ileum, The Large Intestine
  • The Rectum, The Anus

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

Three-Part Card trays available (DC.05)


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