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Cardiovascular System, Early Childhood



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Product Description

Three-Part Cards: 117 cards

  • 39 Cardiovascular System pictures with label
  • 39 Cardiovascular System pictures
  • 39 Cardiovascular System labels


  • 3 booklets

Parts depicted:

Booklet #1:

  • The Cardiovascular System, The Heart, The Atria
  • The Ventricles, The Right Atrium, The Right Ventricle
  • The Left Atrium, The Left Ventricle, The Septum
  • The Valves, The Atrioventricular Valves, The Tricuspid Valve
  • The Bicuspid Valve, The Semilunar Valves, The Pulmonary Valve
  • The Aortic Valve

Booklet #2:

  • Pulmonary Circulation, Systemic Circulation, The Blood Vessels
  • The Veins, The Vena Cava, The Superior Vena Cava
  • The Inferior Vena Cava, The Pulmonary Veins, The Arteries
  • The Pulmonary Artery

Booklet #3:

  • The Aorta Artery, The Ascending Aorta, The Aortic Arch
  • The Brachiocephalic Artery, The Left Carotid Artery, The Left Subclavicular
  • The Descending Aorta, The Thoracic Artery, The Abdominal Artery
  • The Iliac Arteries, The Capillaries

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

Three-Part Card trays available (DC.05)


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