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In the 35 years since Montessori R&D introduced the Zoology, Botany and Geometry Nomenclature Sets to the Montessori Community, we have continued to introduce new materials while also updating classics. All of our materials are cardstock based and laminated.

We maintain our commitment to providing beautiful and durable materials with well structured and scientifically accurate information for both early childhood and elementary levels.

Nomenclature Sets

The classic Montessori Simple Nomenclature is a matching activity with Three-Part Cards for the preschool child that includes:

  • Illustration with the Name Word Label (control of error card)
  • Illustration
  • Name Word Label

Early Childhood nomenclature sets include Botany, Zoology, Geography, Astronomy and Time.

The classic Montessori Elementary Nomenclature includes a core matching activity as well as supplemental materials:

  • Three-Part Cards (3PC) consisting of three separate cards: Illustration, Name Word Label, & Description (definition).
  • Booklets with the same information above that can be used as a control of error.
  • Wall Charts containing all Illustrations and Name Label on a single 8.5” x 11” sized chart that provides an overview of the topic.

Elementary nomenclature sets include Botany, Zoology, Geography, Solar System, Chemistry, Biogeochemical Cycles and Geometry.

Phonics Reading Sequence

Montessori R&D offers a complete Phonics Reading Sequence for the 3-6 level that seamlessly moves the child from initial sounds and phonic three-part cards through:

  • The Pink Series - three-letter phonic words
  • Blue Series - consonant blends
  • Green Series – phonograms (diphthongs, vowel & consonant digraphs, etc.)

Our early childhood and elementary Montessori materials span all the classic Montessori areas.  We also offer Kingdom Charts, Word Study (word tower), Chemistry, as well as a complete Fractions curriculum and Money curriculum.