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Phonogram Pictures Cards for Nienhuis Double Sandpaper Letters



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Product Description

This reduced version of our Green Series works in parallel with the 16 Nienhuis Double Sandpaper Letters*.
48 Phonogram Picture cards
3 for each of the 16 phonograms:

  • ch as in cheek
  • sh as in ship
  • th as in three
  • ai as in snail
  • ee as in bee
  • ie as in tie
  • oa as in boat
  • ar as in arch
  • er as in flowers
  • or as in worm
  • oy as in boys
  • ue as in statue
  • ou as in cloud
  • au as in auburn
  • oo as in book
  • qu as in quarter

*Double Sandpaper Letters not included

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

Polyurethane display containers available (Not included,16 recommended)


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