Phonogram Picture Cards w/word labels

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366 Different picture cards
3 Pictures for each 120 phonograms


  • ch, ph, sh, th, tch
  • ture, ce, ce, ci, ci
  • cy, cy, ge,ge, gi
  • gi, gy, gy, dge, dger
  • g(h), (g)n,g(u), (h),
  • (k)n, s(t), w(h), (w)r
  • m(b), u(e), v(e), l(e)
  • (e), a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e
  • u_e, ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh
  • ey, ee, ea, ey, y ei, ie
  • ie, igh, y, i, i_e, oa, oe
  • ow, o, ou, ough, ew, ar
  • ar, er, ear,ir, or, ur, ar
  • or, oar, oor, our, ore
  • air, are, ear, ear, eer
  • ier, ed, ed, ed,ing,(e)ing
  • _ ing, ti, si, ci, si, oi, oy
  • ou, ow, ough, oo, ou
  • ew u_e, ui, oe, au, aw
  • al, augh, ough, o, oo, u
  • oul, ea, ai, ough, ough, all
  • al, qu, qu(e), quet

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

5 polyurethane double display containers included (31 recommended)



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    Phonogram Picture Cards w/word labels

    Posted by Philicia Mollere on June 27, 2020

    These are so wonderful, and such a critical part of our children's reading. We put these in our phonogram cabinets- in each drawer- these are the pictures we use immediately after the children finish with objects- they begin working on these. The cards are very lovely, the photos are bright and eye catching. The cards are very durable and hold up very well over many years. Thank you!

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