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Phonic Picture Cards with Word Label



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Product Description

Phonic Picture Cards with Word Labels 120 cards

  • 60 picture cards
  • 60 labels

Five vowels represented with twelve pictures each:

  • a – can, tan, fan, pan, tag, jam, ham , sad, cap, map, nap, gas
  • e – jet, hen, pen, ten, bed, red, web, keg, hem, wed, wet, net
  • i – bib, rib, fin, pin, dig, pig, fig, hip, lip, rip, lid, tin
  • o – cog, dog, log, pod, sod, rod, cob, sob, job, rob, top, pot
  • u – bug, hug, rug, cub, tub, mud, bud, sun, bun, pup, cup, bus

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

5 polyurethane double display containers included (15 recommended)


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