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Montessori Rating Scale Early Childhood Environment



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The Montessori Rating Scale Early Childhood – Environment
Is designed to evaluate the completeness of the Montessori environment for children 2.5 to 6 years old.

MRS-EC-E is the appropriate tool for use by Montessori teachers and school directors for the purpose of self-evaluation and program improvement planning, for teacher preparation programs, and by state and federal agencies for evaluating a Montessori program.

The Montessori prepared environment provides the tools for the young child’s self-construction of knowledge through experiential learning, the effortless absorbance of culture synthesized in the materials, and environmental support for the unique sensitivities in this period of the child’s life.

In addition to addressing the quality of the classic Montessori prepared environment, with the attendant Montessori materials, the MRS-EC-E addresses the environmental aspects of health and safety, and the general furnishings of the classroom.

MRS-EC-E includes all the above aspects in its evaluation document.

Click here to be taken to the MRS-EC website in which you will find important information about this tool.

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