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Mathematics Teaching Manual Vol. 3 – Elementary II (9-12)



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The origins of mathematics arose from the needs of people. Only after math had been used as a tool for unknown ages were rules (algorithms) generated. Thus, the
abstraction of algorithms came only after the practical application of the operations. Today, however, the study of mathematics often begins with a study of the algorithms. The child needs the concrete experience before the abstract algorithms. Throughout history humankind has learned by:

  1. Experience, followed by
  2. Comprehension, after which is formulated
  3. Rules (algorithms)

The algorithm must be the point of arrival and not the point of departure. If one begins with the algorithm, the child then closes his/ her mind and learns only by memory. Give the child experiences with concrete materials and then mathematics will become a joy. As Maria Montessori says: “By nature man is endowed with a Mathematical Mind.”

  • Decanomial
  • Powers of numbers
  • Multiples
  • Divisibility
  • Squaring
  • Square Root

348 pages


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