Language Arts Volume 2

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Sentence Analysis focuses on the relationship words have to each other when placed in a sentence. Separate words have meaning and have particular functions (or particular parts of speech). When placed in a sentence, the separate words are immediately in relationships to each other. These relationships influence the meaning of the words. Sentence Analysis examines patterns or techniques to help  in understanding the relationships words have to each other in a sentence  which ultimately gives precise meaning to language.
Sentence Analysis consists of three stages:

  1. Reading analysis where the child is provided sentences to read and to analyze the different parts and their relationships to each other.
  2. Sentence construction where the child constructs sentences which he then analyzes. He places the different parts of the sentence in relationships to each other.
  3. Logical analysis where only the terms ‘predicate’, ‘subject’, and ‘direct object’ are used for analysis. Logical analysis is more abstract and the final stage in determining the relationships of the different parts of the sentence.

Sentence analysis level 1 and 2, reading analysis, logical analysis

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    Language Arts Volume 2 Sentence A

    Posted by Philicia Mollere on July 07, 2020

    This is a really good manual, and one I needed more than most when going through certification to get a complete understanding of Montessori Sentence Analysis. The way information is presented- teaching children that this is the relationship of words to one another- was a simple statement, but groundbreaking for me. Instruction is in three levels, reading analysis where children analyze words of a sentence, second they construct sentences, third, logical analysis where terms are used like direct object, subject, etc. I think this is a wonderfully written manual for guides and the system for instruction very developmentally appropriate. If you need sentence analysis, this is the best manual ever!

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