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Language Arts Teaching Manual Vol. 1 – Early Childhood



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The Language Arts Volume I Early Childhood Manual (formerly known as Language Arts Volume I and Volume II) serves as a foundational guide for implementing the Montessori language arts curriculum designed for children aged birth to six years old. This comprehensive Manual provides background information on early literacy development, the history of language, curriculum scope and sequence, early intervention and practical exercises for the classroom. The Manual also delineates the language component of each Montessori curricula area.

Within each curriculum area, vocabulary enrichment plays a crucial role in honing a child’s observation skills and concept development. Daily listening and speaking activities in the classroom, whether during large group, small group, or individual lessons, as well as at home, contribute to the development of:

  1. Attention
  2. Self-control
  3. Auditory memory
  4. Indirect preparation for written commands
  5. Self-confidence (Increased vocabulary and concept development builds self-confidence.)

The Language Arts Volume I Early Childhood Manual features illustrated presentations introducing the Montessori language arts curriculum.The manual outlines various activities to foster visual discrimination, including working with puzzles, object-to-picture matching, picture-to-picture matching, whole-to-parts matching, and patterning. Concept development is facilitated through exercises focusing on association, opposites, rhyming objects, and classification.

This consolidated manual brings together the content from our previous Language Arts Volume I and Language Arts Volume II, providing a unified resource for implementing the Montessori language arts curriculum for early childhood education.

158 pages

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