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Botany Impressionistic Charts

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Product Description

The Botany Impressionistic Charts are designed to strike the child’s imagination with simple, clear illustrations that depict the basic needs and functions of plants.

The set consists of 18 charts:

  1. The Tree Absorbs Minerals Through Its Roots
  2. Hydrotropism: Water Seekers – The Tree Absorbs Water Through Its Roots
  3. Thigmotropism: Boulder on the Road – The Roots Grow Around the Rocks
  4. The Mycorrhizal Relationship: The Partnership of Fungi and Plants
  5. From the Dead to the Living: Transformation of Nitrogen in the Nitrogen Cycle
  6. Roots: A Means of Support
  7. Roots Hold the Soil in Place
  8. A Terraced Mountainside: Roots Hold the Soil in Place
  9. The Piston Pump: Liquid Rises in the Plant or Capillarity
  10. How Plants are Supported: Specialized Stems
  11. The Sun’s Drink: Water Evaporates from the Plant in Transpiration
  12. The Sun’s Worshippers: The Action of Light on Plants or Phototropism and Apical Dominance
  13. The Tree as a Chemical Laboratory: Photosynthesis
  14. How Plants Defend Themselves: Specialized Leaves
  15. Love in Plants: Bee Sucking Nectar
  16. Seeds Travel or Seed Dispersal
  17. Reproduction by Spores: The Fern Life Cycle
  18. Go, my child: Seeds Travel or Seed Dispersal

A narrative is included on the back of each chart.

Printed on plastic

Recommended Manual: Botany Manual Volume 2

Two available sizes:

  • 12″ x 9″
  • 18″ x 12″

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