History Vol. 2

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This manual focuses on the presentation of Time line of Life and People. The Time Line of Life is the further study of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and
Cenozoic Eras. The eras are further divided into Periods. Refer to the charts
found on pages 133 to 136 in History Manual I for a graphic representation of
the divisions of Periods.
The study of these eras and periods are viewed interdisciplinary. That is, the
child sees each era in terms of the animal life and plant life that developed. The
geology and temperature influences are also related to the development of plant
life and animal life. This integration occurs on the Time Line of Life.
It is important, therefore, that a proper foundation has been laid in the other
cultural subjects; i.e., Botany, Zoology, and Geography, for the child to approach
the Time Line of Life as an integrative experience.

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