Geography Vol. 2

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The geography classified nomenclature is considered the key for the organization of the child’s knowledge of the earth. Level II provides a more technical and scientific
approach to the study of the earth. The Montessori principle of the concrete experience prior to the study of a particular aspect of the earth is exemplified here. This may
be done through direct observation, such as observing the different clouds or visiting a river. Many times indirect observation is required via pictures, books, or videos.
Montessori also utilizes experiments that serve as metaphors for the actual situation, as in the experiment with the bits of paper which are placed on the surface of water to
illustrate the formation of planets. In a short time, the paper combines to make several large groupings. This is an experiment which serves as a metaphor for the formation
of our solar system. All of these techniques are required as prior experience to the geography classified nomenclature.

In addition to the importance of the direct experience or the experiment/metaphor, the child is asked to generate the ‘definition’ prior to the presentation of the official definition.




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