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Fractions Curriculum



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Product Description

The Fraction Curriculum consists of a sequence of activities and problems that utilize and expand the existing Montessori Fraction Skittles, Fraction Insets, and Plastic Fraction Circles. The important fraction concepts of “fractions” / “not fractions, “parts of a group”, and “linear equivalency” (which are listed as state standards) are covered. The role of denominator and numerator is introduced through the analogy of a “family” and “member of the family.”
Concepts of denominator and numerator are introduced separately.

The Fractions Curriculum is sold as a complete set F.00 – F.13
936 full color fraction cards

  • Set F.00 Fractions: Equal Parts of a Whole (74 cards)
    • depicts both equal parts and non-equal parts of a whole
    • different shapes are used to develop the ability of recognizing equal and non-equal parts of a whole beyond the traditional circle
  • Set F.01 – F.05 Denominator & Numerator (95 cards)
    • “graphic control of error” on the back of each card
    • use with Fractions Skittles from 1 – 4
  • Set F.06 – F.09 Denominator & Numerator (113 cards)
    • Use with Fraction Insets from 1 – 10
  • Set F.10 – F.11 Addition and Subtraction with Fraction of the same denominator (550 cards)
    • “control of error on the back of each card”
  • Set F.12 Parts of a Group (40 cards)
  • Set F.13 Equivalence Chart (54 cards)

Fractions Curriculum manual included

full Color – printed on plastic (no lamination is required) – ready to cut
You will receive 44 sheets (9″ x 12″) printed in plastic ready to cut (this product does not come trimmed to final size).


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