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The Respiratory System, Elementary


Three Part Cards: 87 cards

  • 29 picture cards
  • 29 definition cards
  • 29 label cards


  • 2 Booklets


  • 3 wallcharts

Parts depicted in Booklet #1:

  • The Respiratory System, The Nasal Cavity, The Oral Cavity,
  • The Pharynx, The Epiglottis, The Larynx,
  • The Trachea, The Carina of Trachea, The Lungs,
  • The Right Lung, The Superior Right Lobe, The Middle Right Lobe,
  • The Inferior Right Lobe, The Left Lung, The Superior Left Lobe,
  • The Inferior Left Lobe, The Cardiac Notch

Booklet #2:

  • The Main Bronchi, The Right Bronchus, The Right Superior Lobar Bronchus,
  • The Right Middle Lobar Bronchus, The Right Inferior Lobar Bronchus, The Left Superior Lobar Bronchus,
  • The Left Inferior Lobar Bronchus, The Fissures, The Horizontal Fissure,
  • The Right Oblique Fissure, The Left Oblique Fissure, The Diaphragm

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

Three Part Card Trays Available (DC.05)

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