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Phonogram Word List


122 word list cards with six words on each list
Words corresponding to LAP.03G/LAP.04G


  • ch, ph, sh, th, tch
  • ture, ce, ce, ci, ci
  • cy, cy, ge,ge, gi
  • gi, gy, gy, dge, dger
  • g(h), (g)n,g(u), (h),
  • (k)n, s(t), w(h), (w)r
  • m(b), u(e), v(e), l(e)
  • (e), a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e
  • u_e, ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh
  • ey, ee, ea, ey, y ei, ie
  • ie, igh, y, i, i_e, oa, oe
  • ow, o, ou, ough, ew, ar
  • ar, er, ear,ir, or, ur, ar
  • or, oar, oor, our, ore
  • air, are, ear, ear, eer
  • ier, ed, ed, ed,ing,(e)ing
  • _ ing, ti, si, ci, si, oi, oy
  • ou, ow, ough, oo, ou
  • ew u_e, ui, oe, au, aw
  • al, augh, ough, o, oo, u
  • oul, ea, ai, ough, ough, all
  • al, qu, qu(e), quet

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

5 polyurethane display containers included (12 recommended)

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