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Periodic Charts of the Elements


Control Chart (Answer Chart) 25 x 19 inches

  • Classic 18 column Period Chart of the Elements
  • 1st column - alkali metals
  • 2nd column alkaline earth metals
  • 3rd - 11th column transition metals
  • 12th column other metals
  • 13th 16th column other metals/nonmetals
  • 17th column nonmetals
  • 18th column noble gases
  • Classic 7 row Periodic Chart of the Elements
  • 6th row insert lanthanide series
  • 7th row insert actinide series

Work Chart (Blank Chart) 25" x 19"
As above with the name and symbol of the element removed.

Element Labels 1.25" x .75"
The name and symbol on labels to match to the Work Chart.
(You will receive a laminated sheet with the labels that will need to be cut to size)

Printed full color on heavy stock and laminated.

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