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The Nervous System, Early Childhood


Three Part Cards: 69 cards

  • 23 pictures with label
  • 23 pictures
  • 23 labels


  •   2 Booklets

Parts depicted 

Booklet #1:

  • The Nervous System, The Central Nervous System, The Brain
  • The Spinal Cord, The Peripheral Nervous System, The Motor Nerves
  • The Sensory Nerves, The Spinal Nerves, The Cervical Spinal Nerves
  • The Thoracic Spinal Nerves, The Lumbar Spinal Nerves, The Sacral Spinal Nerves
  • The Coccygeal Spinal Nerve

Booklet #2:

  • The Neuron Cell, The Neuron Body, The Nucleus
  • The Dendrites, The Axon, The Myelin Sheath
  • The Axon Terminals, The Synapse, The Neurotransmitter
  • The Glial Cells

Printed in full color on heavy stock and laminated.

Three Part Card Trays Available (DC.05)

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