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The Word Study can be purchased as a complete set or in four (4) individual sections.

Language Arts Word Study Set #1 (Card Sets A – F)
900+ cards with 60 activities
Word Study

Language Arts Word Study Set #2 (Card Sets G – L)
1700+ cards with 60 activities
Word Study

Language Arts Word Study Set #3 (Letters M – R)
1100+ cards with 60 activities

Language Arts Word Study Set #4 (Letters S – X)
1100+ cards with 60 activities

Complete set 5,000 cards with 240 separate activities*:

Word Study
compound words, suffix, prefix
antonyms, synonyms, homophones, homographs

capitals, periods, apostrophes, commas, quotations
classification, alphabetize, guide words, dictionary, thesaurus

*The activities involve laying the label cards on the work space, and matching the cards in such a way as to create compound, suffix and prefix words. Matches are made with antonyms, synonyms, homophones and homographs.

*The activities call for the child to identify capitals, periods, apostrophes, commas and quotations. The activities allow the child to practice classification, alphabetizing, the use of guide words for research, dictionary skill building and thesaurus usage.

The Word Study is also known as “The Montessori Skyscraper”, “The Sky Scrapper”, “The California Game”, “The Montessori Word Game”.

includes control manual

Laminated and cut, ready to use.

Please also note that, since this set contains 5000 cards, there is the possibility that you find yourself missing a few cards—-either due to a collating and packaging error on our part or from the sorting and shuffling of cards during your assembly of the set. Through the year, you may also loose cards. Therefore, we include many blank cards with which you can use a sharpie to make new cards.

The cards are pastel colors of blue, pink, yellow, green, cream and grey. Each card is coded with a letter and a numeral.

We recommend housing your Word Study cards in a 60 drawer storage box. Here is link to one sold by Ace Hardware:

AceA® 60 Drawer Parts Storage Box

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