Child, Family, and Community: Family-Centered Early Care and Education

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The sixth edition of Child, Family, and Community: Family-Centered Early Care and Education continues to inform readers on effective home-school communication, strategies for family and community involvement, and socialization and education of young children in home, child care, and educational contexts.  As before, the book examines developmental theory (particularly ecological systems theory) and adds diverse perspectives from a base of solid academics, constructivist theory, and the author's own experience. In addition, the sixth edition is written to and provides concrete strategies for a broader audience to better meet the needs of aspiring professionals of all types including educators, social workers, and parents. The theme of the revision is advocacy and new Advocacy in Action features present personal stories of well known professionals who have made a difference in the lives of others.  This new edition will truly inspire readers to become advocates themselves to improve the lives of children and families, education, and society.


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