Botany Vol. 1

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The exercises with classified nomenclature have been discussed in connection with language. Some of these nomenclature exercises should be presented in the Primary class. Of course, if the children have not worked with nomenclature in the primary class, or if they have not had primary class experience, this must be presented. It is important to make the activities interesting because some of the beginning exercises are not very interesting in themselves. The aim of exercises in nomenclature is to help the children understand certain morphological concepts, to help them with precise expression, and to increase their vocabulary. Nomenclature is used to give the introductory knowledge of botany.

Dr. Montessori says that classification is an essential element of the human mind. The human mind has a need to organize concepts mentally; to organize concepts in the mind without any order, is not true knowledge. The school should provide the opportunity to clearly and consciously organize all the images that are in the mind. This opportunity to organize images brings a clarity and order to the mind, and stimulates the desire to further explore.

This manual covers the nomenclature and functions of the plant and its parts.

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