Biology Manual Traditional Edition

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We have reformatted the Biology manual. We have separated the classroom lessons from the descriptions of organisms. That later has been assembled into an accompanying research and classification handbook that can be a classroom resource.

The Biology teacher manual introduces the concepts of observation and classification and proceeds into lessons of living/ non-living, cell structure, domain categories, kingdom categories and the "Tree of Life" before exploring the kingdoms in depth. The new content lays the foundation for NGSS cross cutting concepts of evaluating (argue, critique, analyze) as a basis for scientific learning.


This new edition of the Biology manual is divided into two parts:

  • Biology Manual 177 pages
  • Research Handbook 88 pages

Our traditional edition is divided into two parts:

  • Biology Manual Part I: 264 pages
  • Biology Manul Part II: 321 pages

You might select our traditional version of this manual on the dropdown menu below.


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    Biology Traditional Manual

    Posted by Philicia Mollere on June 22, 2020

    I love this manual and highly recommend to teachers and parents! The way the information is presented is wonderful- very well organized and easy to follow as a teacher. To begin with, there is a a very detailed examination of introductory stories, domains, 5 Kingdoms, and Tree of Life, with each kingdom covered in explicit detail.Then you have sections with so much information for each kingdom it is fantastic. For each kingdom the Timeline of Life is covered explicitly. Then Key experience presentations described in detail, experiments are included,and there is kingdom chart discussion. Next there is a very detailed classification/research section provided that breaks down kingdoms into Phyla - all the way down to discussion of specific species. It is there you find physical description of all organisms, movement, reproduction, feeding, habitat, and all other important or notable characteristics addressed for each Phylum. Parts of key organisms charts are provided in color with each part discussed in detail, and name etymology is addressed! There are reproducible research/report pages for each Kingdom. The Life Cycle of the Kingdom is covered. How each Kingdom has its needs met is specifically addressed with a presentation, and then each kingdom ends with the Who am I stories instructions for the students to create as part of their research. I think what I really like the best is the way they cover each kingdom in the same way- with all these items mentioned presented in the same format and order throughout the manual. I would highly recommend this manual. This is a tremendous amount of information presented in a way that is easy to understand, yet extremely thorough, easy to locate, and maintains Montessori methodology throughout! It could be utilized for lower and upper elementary. Grateful to have such a wonderful resource!

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