Biology Manual New Edition (2019)

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We have reformatted the Biology manual. We have separated the classroom lessons from the descriptions of organisms. That later has been assembled into an accompanying research and classification handbook that can be a classroom resource.

The Biology teacher manual introduces the concepts of observation and classification and proceeds into lessons of living/ non-living, cell structure, domain categories, kingdom categories and the "Tree of Life" before exploring the kingdoms in depth. The new content lays the foundation for NGSS cross cutting concepts of evaluating (argue, critique, analyze) as a basis for scientific learning.


This new edition of the Biology manual is divided into two parts:

  • Biology Manual 177 pages
  • Research Handbook 88 pages

Our traditional edition is divided into two parts:

  • Biology Manual Part I: 264 pages
  • Biology Manul Part II: 321 pages

You might select our traditional version of this manual on the dropdown menu below.


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    Posted by Philicia Mollere on June 02, 2020

    This new edition manual is wonderful! I was so excited to see the beautiful new color illustrations, particularly the Lichen- just a gorgeous illustration. Your manual content is superb and far superior to others. I think the extra research handbook is a wonderful resource that my students will love, especially when discussing the move from 5 to 6 kingdoms. They will definitely want to use it for their individual research projects. Thank you for providing the current, accurate and in-depth content needed for Elementary II. I heard one person say your manuals don't have enough photos- but in my professional opinion, extra photos are simply "fluff". Your manuals are true to the well known principles of Montessori Education. The knowledge within enables one to use one's own mind to imagine- and inspires me to want to know more. What more could a Montessori Guide ask for? Definitely not images that distract or may limit the potential of the guide or child! Thank you again!

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